Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Colusa Farmers Market

Well, the folks in Colusa have been good to me and are returning to the market for more of my eggs. I am so glad that I could "turn them on" to farm fresh eggs or just remind them of the eggs they had on the farm when they were a child or before they retired from their Ag business. I have met so many lovely people. It has been a pleasure for me to chat with them and hear their stories.
I was absent this week at the market due to other commitments and Gene my fabulous husband and I will be out of town over the long labor day weekend, so I will not be at the Colusa market next Monday.
Speaking of going out of town, we love to go to Modoc County. It is the California county that is on the most north east border of California (Nevada on the east and Oregon to the north). It is a great place to beat the valley heat and enjoy some lovely cool nights. Not to mention enjoying the pleasures of such a beautiful diverse county. Lots of wildlife (elk, deer, geese and other aquatic life, bears, etc.) and you can go from the high desert, to the mountains, to the dry lake beds, to beautiful valleys and lakes. A fabulous place. I love the diversity of California. We are so lucky here.
So, if you ever decide to go to Modoc County there are many wonderful places to stay. Check the Modoc County chamber of commerce web site for ideas and personally, our favorite is Mahogany Ridge Guest Ranch in Jess Valley just to the east of the little town of Likely on Highway 395. If you want to check it out go to their website at mahoganyridgeranch.com. I have put their link on the blog. Check it out, you and your family can go for a very reasonable price. Not to mention that you can take your horses, dogs and ATVs too!
Well, just a couple of more weeks left at the Colusa farmers market. When I return, I hope to see you there! And again, thanks for your business!