Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Things Are Cooking!

Hey, welcome back to the blog. If you have been reading my blog you know that my husband and I retired recently. So of course we had to take a vacation so we drove cross country to Florida where we went on a Caribean cruise for a week and then after that, we drove to Tennessee to see my sister. We had a great visit, then back home.

Well, the girls are laying tons of eggs! So if you want wonderful farm fresh eggs give us a call, an email or stop on by.

By the way I am hooking up with my friend from Windmill Farms who is starting a CSA this spring. You know, where you purchase a "share" of the harvest, and each week you get wonderful fruits, herbs, and vegetables...whatever is in season? I will provide the CSA members with farm fresh eggs. A CSA is a great way to support your local growers and know where your produce is coming from. All at a reasonable price. Windmill Farms link is on this blog, so please take a moment to check out their blog to learn more about this CSA. I personally cannot wait to particpate in this CSA as I have not yet had time to get together a real garden and Windmill Farms produce is wonderful. It is fabulous to know that I am feeding my family awesome food from a known source. Check it out.

Iam really looking forward to participating in farmers markets come spring in Glenn and Butte counties. And I look forward to seeing YOU there! Thanks again for supporting your local producers like myself. With your help, we can keep the local food movement alive and well here in Glenn County and beyond.