Wednesday, October 7, 2009

It is Fall!

Well the farmers markets are over for now. But good news, Happy Chick Farm is working to develop a client base locally (or from afar if you wish to drive by our farm!). We have set up a self serve fridge for your egg buying pleasure! It is located here at the farm at 6221 County Road 15 in Orland. The eggs are $3.00 a dozen so just drive up and purchase any time. Or if you have a special order please call us at 530-865-7203 or email us at As we develop a regular client base, we will consider free delivery in Glenn County. With the holidays coming up shortly, I know many of you will be using a lot of eggs for your baking and cooking so why not make your dishes special with farm fresh eggs. You will not believe the difference and your family members that love eggs will be very impressed!

Our Jersey Giant hens are getting ready to lay this month or next. We are anticipating extra large to jumbo eggs from these birds. So keep your eye on the blog. We will announce when we will have these eggs available.

Speaking of the Jersey Giants we now have roosters! We would like to produce our own hatchlings and sell some to interested parties if production goes well. This breed is very mellow and as you can read from this blog, very large. They are also beautiful black birds with a green sheen to their feathers. I will post a picture of one of the roosters soon. They are huge and beautiful!

Did you know that pumpkins and their seeds are natural wormer for chickens? So if you have chickens, consider giving them some pumpkin for their health. Pick up the latest edition of Backyard Poultry for more information on natural wormers. You can purchase all sizes and kinds of pumpkins at Windmill Farm in Gridley. Very pretty and very affordable.

Thanks to all of your for purchasing Happy Chick Farm eggs and we look forward to meeting those of you who for the first time wish to try our farm fresh eggs.


  1. Hi: Loved the information about your eggs for sale and the Jersey Giant chickens. I am sure these eggs will be perfect for breakfast and baking. Are they brown? Are you considering selling chickens for roasting later? I think your drive by egg sale idea is fantastic so I can get my eggs whenever convenient for me as I go through town or do my errands. Good luck with your new business.
    P. Carli

  2. Yes, our chicken eggs will be brown from the Jersey Giants. Thanks for the kind words about the self serve and don't forget, if that does not meet your needs, please give us a call 865-7203 or email us at for any special orders.
    One day we would like to process fresh chickens for your eating pleasure, but we are not there yet. You may think this is a conflict with our pledge to you but really, the most important thing is that we all have to live and die and it is the quality of life in between. So if we did birds for eating, you could rest assured that their life would be wonderful and the processing would be the most humane possible. And these birds would not be the same as our laying hens. Birds that are used for eating are bred for that purpose, not to lay. We will keep you posted on that. Thanks for the question!